Give More: DIY Yard Games

As Christmas is yet another day closer and your shopping lists begin to pile up, have you considered the value of the gifts you’re giving? I don’t mean the price-tag, I mean the value in the eyes of the recipient, and the value of the memories your gift will provide.

I don’t know about you, but the most valuable gifts I’ve ever received are those made by the hands of someone I love. They might not be as shiny or put-together as something purchased from a store, but the time, effort, and creativity put into these gifts more than makes up for any frayed edge or color outside the lines. My other favorite kind of gift is a gift that directly leads to good memories, to laughter and inside jokes and time well spent with the giver.

As we think about how to give presents that promote Advent Conspiracy, what if we combine these two factors–homemade and memory-making? One practical way to do so is to gift our loved ones with some yard games. This doesn’t have to be elaborate. It can be as simple as sewing bean bags out of some worn-out beans and rice, cutting holes in plywood, adding a pretty coat of paint and writing up some rules!

If this idea strikes your fancy (and if you’re not afraid of navigating Pinterest), check out this link to some more fun ideas for how to inject some good old fashioned yard-game fun into your Christmas this year.


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