World Vision Christmas Shopping

Have you ever thought about giving a goat as a Christmas present?

No? How about a duck? Or job training for a woman rescued from exploitation? Or a share of a school in a country that needs it?

Of course, your loved ones might not totally appreciate an unannounced farm animal as a gift (trust me, it’s happened to me before). However, global poverty fighting organization World Vision makes it possible for you to give these critical items to people who will appreciate it, in honor of a loved one. They have an entire catalogue filled with options, from $17 vegetable seeds to a $3250 home for a mother and her children. On Christmas morning, instead of another toy or sweater, your family can unwrap the knowledge that they have radically changed someone’s life. Plus, what kid wouldn’t love knowing that there’s a little rabbit somewhere out there named after them?

If you still want to support World Vision’s cause while having a more tangible gift to put under the tree, they also offer beautiful handcrafted gifts like bags, jewelry, and home decor in exchange for donations to their “where most needed” fund.

Click here ( to view their donation catalogue. It’s also so much fun to go through as a family as you consider gifts for others–let the younger members of your family choose what items to “buy” and brainstorm creative ways to present this knowledge to friends and family.

Happy shopping!


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