Who Needs Presents?

Who is on your Christmas shopping list this year?

Some people are obvious–our own families, a few close relatives, maybe a friend or two. That’s natural. We want to show love to those closest to us, and those are the people we know well enough to thoughtfully give to anyway!

As we think about ways to make our Christmas more conspiratorial, consider challenging your family to come up with a different shopping list this year. If you have kids, sit them down and ask them to brainstorm people that would appreciate a little something extra.  Maybe there are people who don’t have family close by. Maybe there’s someone that is under-appreciated. Maybe someone just looks like they could use a little love.

Your child might list the crossing guard at their school or an elderly neighbor. They might list a classmate that doesn’t have a lot of friends. With a little guidance, a child’s imagination can be endlessly generous.

Their list doesn’t have to break the bank–extend that childhood creative generosity to gift ideas as well! There are literally hundreds of low-cost gift options when you start thinking homemade. Make jars of hot chocolate mix decorated with ribbon and an encouraging note. Bake batches of cookies or fudge together. Ask your kids what their list of people will appreciate and run with it.

If you need some help with ideas, explore Pinterest. There is even an entire Pinterest board dedicated to Advent Conspiracy–check it out!


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