Coffee for Christmas

As the weather gets colder, my true nature comes out. I don’t mean I start glowing with Christmas joy, frolicking in imaginary snow, or even Bah Humbug-ing against the chilly breeze. I just mean that my coffee addiction comes to the forefront.

Let’s be honest. Nothing compliments the cold weather like the steam rising off a fresh cup of black coffee, or a finger-full of decadent foam from the top of a latte. Even if you can’t relate to the sentiment, I bet you have someone in your life who could always appreciate some good coffee, maybe even as a Christmas gift.

The bad news is, sometimes buying coffee isn’t as simple as we want it to be. Even a quick Google search reveals major problems with the coffee industry. More often than not, those heavenly beans come from farmers who are being cheated out of a fair price for their crops and have no better options or legal protection. This often results in a lower quality product, grown in ways that aren’t the best for the coffee or for the earth. These farmers barely get by season to season, while the companies using them continue to profit. If we aren’t mindful, our well-meaning purchases feed this cycle.

It’s not all bad news, though! In the past couple of years, a new (and tasty) solution has come to Tyler. Porch Culture Coffee Roasters is a small, family-owned company that roasts and sells top-quality coffee beans right here in Tyler. They are dedicated to roasting small batches that produce the best flavor, offering a variety of options for all palates, and promoting good old-fashioned neighboring by delivering coffee bags right to your front porch.

Best of all, the guys at Porch Culture are dedicated to ethical buying practices. They source all their beans either directly, relationally,  or using fair tradeDirect sourcing means they have been to the farm themselves, checked out the working conditions and growing methods, and guarantee that the farmers are paid more than a fair wage. Relational sourcing is a friend-of-a-friend method, obtaining beans from farms that trusted similar companies have been to and given the stamp of approval. Fair trade sourcing means the beans have come from a farm that meets fair trade standards, including fair wages and a guaranteed reasonable price for the farmers. These methods promise us that we are supporting real people with our purchases. They promise us we are participating in good systems. They promise us we are getting the best quality product. And, they promise us we are helping a local company that’s doing good things for Tyler!

If you’re looking for a gift for a coffee-lover in your life, consider checking out their merchandise. They offer individual bags of coffee sold at locations all over Tyler, like Juls, The Foundry, Come Together Trading, and Natural Grocers. They also sell directly from their website and offer subscriptions that can also be given as gifts. Imagine giving the gift of a fresh pound of coffee every other week, delivered by bicycle right to your porch! Just saying…I wouldn’t be opposed.

Check out their website here!


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