Fair Flowers

I love flowers.

That comment might solicit a sarcastic “Wow, so helpful!” or a “How interesting!” But, it’s true. I love fresh flowers on the table, plants lining the windowsill, a wreath on my door. It reminds me that I am surrounded by life, and as we celebrate the anticipation of life this Advent season, I’m glad that flowers often make their way in to our celebration.

If you’re thinking of including flowers in your celebration–to decorate your home, to gift a host or hostess, to surprise someone special–let me offer a little advice. The flower industry, while often making our lives much more beautiful, does not have such a beautiful story. Oftentimes the flower farms that produce the familiar blooms we know and love are ugly places. They overwork and underpay their workers, exploiting them to get high-volume, low-quality product. Sometimes, when we pick up something full of life, it is at the expense of the quality of life of another person.

However, we have a good (and beautiful) solution to this problem! Moss–“Where Flowers Are Fair”–is an ethical flower shop right here in Tyler. They work hard to ensure they sell products that were produced fairly. This means they focus on collecting and foraging local plants, which makes for unusual and stunning blooms, different from the same old thing we are used to seeing.

Moss is also dedicated to supporting other art in Tyler. They sell handmade items by local artisans and their own vintage finds. They offer a vibrant social community through classes (would anyone you know like to know how to make terrariums?) and craft fairs featuring food, drink, and art demonstrations.

I’d encourage you to check out Moss’ merchandise this Christmas! They are located in The Market shopping center over by Fresh. I know you will like what you find.


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