Come Together Trading

As Christmas shopping comes into full swing, let me tell you about one of my favorite places in Tyler to shop. This store offers a wide range of clothes, accessories, home goods, Christmas decorations, and other items that make great gifts. They are all colorful and unique. Best of all, their mission fits perfectly with our goal of having a more meaningful Christmas this year.

I’m talking about Come Together Trading, an adorable little boutique in the Bergfeld Center in Tyler. Come Together is different from other stores because it only offers fair trade goods–goods that guarantee the makers receive fair wages and working conditions. Come Together strives to connect shoppers in Tyler with small micro-business artisans tucked away in the far corners of the globe where they struggle to make ends meet. By shopping at Come Together, you are helping creative, hard-working people provide for their families!

Come Together was founded after the owners took a trip to Africa with Compassion International. They were struck with the level of poverty they encountered, but also with the profound richness they felt in the souls of the people they met. They spent their days shopping from local artisans who made unique and beautiful goods–not giving out money as charity, but engaging with the sellers as equals and entering into a trade relationship. They eventually realized that if they could somehow market these same goods here in the States, these sellers would be able to begin to rise out of poverty. Today, Come Together Trading represents over 100 small business artisans in over 30 different countries.

I encourage you to check out their merchandise as soon as you can! I know you will be impressed by the variety and quality, as well as the kind hearts of the people who work there. You can take a look at their store online and even order from home. I know you will like what you see.


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