Introducing Parent Cue

Parent Cue

At Dayspring, we love having the opportunity to teach kids about their faith. We strategically select curriculum and structure our worship times to give children the opportunity to learn that God loves them, that they are important to Him, and that they play an important role in God’s work here on earth. However, we are aware that we only have a short amount of time each week and realize that the majority of spiritual development happens in the home.

In an effort to help our parents be better informed about what the children learn on Sunday mornings, we are introducing Parent Cue.

What is it? Parent Cue is a brief summary of the lesson learned in Sunday worship. It will give a short overview of the lesson in Worship Jr. and Kids Worship, as well as provide discussion starter questions to continue the conversation and learning at home.

How do I access it? The short summary will be available on the Dayspring blog, Facebook page, Dayspring App and via email. It will be updated each Sunday to reflect that week’s lesson.

How much time does it take to read? Less than one minute is all it takes to be well informed about what your child learned.

In addition, the curriculum we utilize offers many resources that are beneficial for families.

Worship Jr. – The curriculum used is called First Look, and is part of a ministry group called Orange. Each month, our preschool friends have a new Bible verse and key question that help them learn the character of God.

Website –

Blog –

Phone app – called “Parent Cue” by the ReThink Group


Kids Worship – The curriculum used is called Elevate. Each series has a different theme and focus, and usually lasts 8 weeks.

Website –

Kids website –


We hope these resources will be useful as you teach your children about a life in Christ. It is a privilege to serve your family and interact with your children on a weekly basis.


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