Sunday Leftovers – Jonah (Buyer Beware)

In Jonah chapter 3 & 4 – Apparently God is serious about grace, forgiveness and mercy. And sometimes that’s a tough pill to swallow. As we step into the Ninevahs of our life, we need to remember God’s heart for those who need grace. When we lose touch with God’s heart for the broken, it’s easy for us to slip into a culture of judgment, arrogance, blindness and bitterness (like Jonah). Like the Older Brother in the prodigal and Jonah, the question we need to answer is “Will we come inside and celebrate with our brother?”

Questions for discussion:

  • What do you think was the main point of Pete’s message?
  • What does the term “Grace” mean to you?
  • Who are the Ninevites in your life? 
  • How can we demonstrate God’s Grace to them?

Do something about it: As a “believer” one of the “truths” we embrace is that we are personally involved in a much bigger plan. God’s plan includes everyone, not just those we deem as worthy. Sharing God’s Grace, especially to those who “we do not believe deserve it”, is one of the best ways to truly grasp the depth and breath of God’s love for us and see His supernatural power at work.

This week take time to recognize and intentionally seek an opportunity to unleash the supernatural power of God’s Grace to someone in your life.

Digging deeper: Luke 15:11-32; Romans 7:24; Romans 5:6-8; Luke 11:4; Matthew 5:38-48



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