When I Met Jesus: Ema Massey


“What is it you seek?” Whether we know it or not, we are all seeking something. . There is something intrinsic in our make-up that desires to know why we are here and what is our purpose. Our honest, personal pursuit of these truths points us directly toward God. God is not hiding. He wants us to seek Him, because, in doing that we gain a better understanding of who we are, who He is, and why we need to know Him better.

Questions for discussion:

  • What do you think was the main point of Matt’s message?
  • What about Ema’s story resonates with you, personally?
  • How do you seek God? Where do you usually find Him?
  • If you were encouraging a person to seek God, where would you direct them to start? Why?

Do something about it:

If you are still searching for the truth, try asking God to reveal Himself to you. Begin to look for God to reveal Himself in the things that you love doing and the people you love being around. Seek God with your whole heart.

If you are a believer but are struggling with keeping your faith relevant and personal, try spending some time digging into His Word. Ask God to reveal Himself in a new and personal way through Bible passages, stories and parables that are familiar to you.

Digging deeper:

Matthew 7:7-11; Deuteronomy 4:29; Jeremiah 29:12,13; John 8:32; 14:6


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