What do you think God meant by “honor the Sabbath?” It was obviously important enough that He included it in the Ten Commandments. Was it a rule that we must keep to show our obedience, or was it an instruction written by a God who knows us better than we know ourselves? Is it possible that God’s knowledge of His creation combined with His desire to connect with us personally became the inspiration for this command?

Questions for discussion:

  • What do you think was the main point of Matt’s message?
  • What does “Honor the Sabbath, remember to keep it holy” mean to you?
  • Why do you think God considered this important enough to make it one of the Ten Commandments?
  • If you were to begin practicing “honoring the Sabbath” how could that make a difference in your life?

Do something about it:

If the Sabbath was made for our good then we should reclaim it as part of our inheritance as believers. If Sunday is not the best day for you to rest, set aside a day of the week when you can relax, recharge, and spend time with God.

Some ways you might create more “rest” time are to:

(1) choose one extra-curricular activity that you are going to give up and use that time for rest and communion with God; (2) turn off your cell phone and all other electronic devices for an extended period of time; (3) pick one of the spiritual disciplines and put them into practice on the Sabbath; (4) Find something you really enjoy doing and use that time to relax and appreciate who God really is.

Digging deeper:

Deuteronomy 5:12-15; Exodus 16:22; 20:8-11; Matthew 11:28,29 Mark 2:27


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